If I am reading, I am writing, and if I’m writing, I’m better understanding my life + my love + my motherhood + my community + my food. Here is where you can marinate in the musings of the aforementioned and support my work, which means you’re supporting my family + my dreams of writing while cooking and feeding my way through it.

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I do a lot of things for a living but what I really want to do is write. Like with all of my gigs, I am a one-woman show and knowing that folx are willing to pay to read my work, and it is work, not only fills my cup, but also feeds my family. The ability to monetize my work in this way makes it sustainable which makes doing this work more accessible to me.

Allowing me the opportunity to write is a gift that I am eternally grateful for, thank you for being here.

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Ava Truckey

I'm Ava. A queer, single-mother, owner of both a micro-bakery Butter Moon Bake Co as well as Offbeat Market, a community makers market here in Denver, Co. I am a writer, podcast co-host of Feed Me Your Stories, and lover of coffee.